A Breath of Fresh Air


It feels like it has been a very long winter, although it wasn’t especially harsh. At last the air is warm and smells earthy.  The first bits of fresh greenery are emerging. The signs of new life include the news that I will become a grandmother later this year, news that has brought us great joy!

Yes, it has been a very long winter…

All that is dead and rotten and depressing is behind us. That is the promise of Easter.  Not that we will never have disappointments or heartaches, but they don’t own us.  We always have a bright future when we place our trust in Christ.

The Spring is a beautiful visual image of that bright future. I look at our little front entryway, filled with winter boots (you would thing twenty people lived here) and it is time to declare we do not need them anymore. Likewise the closet is bulging with puffy coats and hats and scarves — be gone!

Very occasionally, Montreal will see snow in late April or even early May, so there is a temptation here to hang on to winter things just in case. People will be quick to get into their shorts and sandals, but warm clothes are still at hand. Spiritually, it can be similar. We want to feel the joy of Easter, but we cling to our worries and our fears.

Christ has risen! Say it again: Christ has risen! Alleluia! And just keep saying (praying) it until we let go of all that is heavy on our hearts.




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