A Little Reboot

Thank you for your patience while we were down for maintenance. I hope you like the new look. Today is a sort of reboot, after a few weeks of discernment, and I am looking forward to discussing a variety of things in light of Catholic family life.

Time and events will continue to influence the direction of this blog. I have hoped from the beginning to be a support to young families, to help them discover the tools that they need to grow in faith. My experience as a catechist and Faith Education director has shown me that many parents who have the desire to build up their Catholic families do not have a strong foundation themselves. They love Christ but don’t know Him well and they don’t know or understand the Church — the Liturgical year, the sacraments, even Scripture. It’s not their fault. That’s how it was when they grew up, but as adults, they desire more for their children.

3Living in the modern world and raising children can be very challenging and we encounter many things that were never covered in catechism class! So, I am here to throw out some thoughts and ideas and I am very willing to answer questions submitted through comments or my Contact Me page. In no particular order, I discuss practical ideas for the Domestic Church, Catholic teaching on topics related to family life, education, home, parish and so on.

When I was a young mom, I was so grateful to the new, online communities of Catholics, who helped me grow in faith and inspired me to create a truly Catholic home for my family. Some of those folks were downright amazing! Designing Classical homeschool curricula, creatively celebrating throughout the liturgical year, praying family rosaries and novenas, and attending daily Mass. I never achieved anything close to that, but their inspiration was important, and our family found its way, with Christ at its center.

About eleven years ago, I had the opportunity to work for the parish as director of Faith Education and parish secretary which I greatly enjoyed until I retired last summer. Back then, I was warned (somewhat in jest) that working for the Church was a risk to one’s faith. It’s kind of true — seeing the sausage being made is not pretty. Lately it’s reminded me about how, when I was a kid, we would have to drive by the Canada Packers plant en route to our US vacations. The stench was unbearable. But, I didn’t go vegan and I won’t leave the Catholic Church. If I am critical at times, it is always within the context of my love for Christ and His Church and acknowledging my own weakness and failings.

Like anyone else, there are times when I am discouraged, but overall, I am an optimist.  I believe in goodness and I believe that each of us makes a difference in this world. By anchoring ourselves to Christ and His Church, we will be far better able to make that difference a positive one. It is my hope that through this blog, I can make a difference in some small way.



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