About Me

Another Catholic blogger?  Really?  I know!  I thought long and hard before deciding to dip my toe into the sea of online writers, however, I eventually was persuaded that my experience has given me a unique perspective that is worth sharing.

I recently retired as a parish director of faith education and I miss having the opportunity to support young families as they try to integrate their faith in our hectic and not so faith-friendly society. I met so many parents who wanted to give their best to their children, but when it came to their Catholic faith, they were often poorly-equipped.  They could not give what they did not have and many had been inadequately catechized themselves. They were eager to learn, however, when presented with practical ideas to assist them in their mission and it was really a joy to support and encourage them.

When I was raising my own five children, the support of the online Catholic community was a God-send to me.  I was living in a new neighborhood and the parish was, frankly, kind of dead… at least as far as young families were concerned. I felt I had to find my own way when it came to passing the faith on to my children.  In hindsight, I realize I  may have underestimated the parish just based on appearances. I do encourage families to connect with their parish church and attend Mass regularly — there is nothing more important — but even if you are not “there” yet, you can begin to build your domestic church, nurturing your family’s relationship with God.

As we navigated their upbringing, our kids went to both public and private schools, secular and Catholic, and we even did a five-year stint at homeschool. (Don’t even ask about the different curricula!) Chalk it up to experience… we’ve tried it all. The fact is, I am passionate about excellence in education and the vital role parents play as their children’s primary educators.

Today, those kids are grown, and while I can’t take all the credit (their dad is pretty awesome, not to mention their own efforts) they are successful in their careers/studies and, most importantly, solid in their faith. I couldn’t feel more blessed.

These are the things that I hope to share with my readers and I hope my experience will serve as encouragement for others.  That being said, I am not an expert, but a fellow traveler. I look forward to this journey, hoping it will bring us all a little closer to Jesus Christ. Ultimately, that is the object of all that we do.