On Being Salt and Light

Last week, the world was treated to Kathy Griffin’s revolting photo depicting a decapitated President Trump. Consistently in bad taste, Griffin has built a career by being outrageous and mistaking it for being humorous. The blowback after the release of this photo took her by surprise, while everyone else wondered how someone could think that […]

Soldiers for Christ

During his homily for Pentecost yesterday, the priest spoke about the sacrament of Confirmation and the parish children who had been confirmed the evening before. I was reminded of my own confirmation, many years ago, especially when he spoke of the old ritual where the bishop would slap the cheek of the confirmandi. I was […]

Pray for Priests

I will never forget, nearly thirty years ago, I was pushing a double stroller through the mall, visibly pregnant with number three, and, I suppose, looking a little haggard. An older gentleman appeared out of nowhere and said to me, “Good job, Mama!” He made my day! Another time I was traveling on the bus […]

Coming Home

  When I was a little girl, I was fascinated by adoption. I was born into a loving family, but I thought the idea of being “chosen” was far more interesting and it really intrigued me. I would read and write stories about being chosen for adoption. They were always wonderful experiences. There were still […]

Saint Joseph

Today is the feast of Saint Joseph, foster father of Jesus and spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Surprisingly, perhaps, we don’t know all that much about him but, being so humble, he is probably just fine with that. What we do know is that Joseph was a quiet, hard-working man, a man who was […]

Charity is not Passive

Father Thomas Berg, whose book, Hurting in the Church: a Way Forward for Wounded Catholics, which was recommended here last week, wrote recently about what he called the “elephant in the room”. The Church’s elephant in the room is our pervasive uncharity. It’s the sad reality that we far too often fail, and fail miserably […]