On Being Salt and Light

Last week, the world was treated to Kathy Griffin’s revolting photo depicting a decapitated President Trump. Consistently in bad taste, Griffin has built a career by being outrageous and mistaking it for being humorous. The blowback after the release of this photo took her by surprise, while everyone else wondered how someone could think that […]

A Little Reboot

Thank you for your patience while we were down for maintenance. I hope you like the new look. Today is a sort of reboot, after a few weeks of discernment, and I am looking forward to discussing a variety of things in light of Catholic family life. Time and events will continue to influence the […]

Coming Home

  When I was a little girl, I was fascinated by adoption. I was born into a loving family, but I thought the idea of being “chosen” was far more interesting and it really intrigued me. I would read and write stories about being chosen for adoption. They were always wonderful experiences. There were still […]

Marriage Resources

  The cultural assault on marriage takes many forms. Cohabiting, divorce, same-sex marriage and other trends in society impact our marriages in unforeseen ways. Traditional marriage has been protected under the law because it provides stability to society, but it has been eroded over the last fifty years or more, and the results are around […]