On Fatherhood

While writing about Saint Joseph yesterday (and battling an uncooperative computer) I was thinking about fathers and how important they are to the healthy development of their children. For a variety of reasons, many fathers are not in the home with their children. I heard a statistic mentioned recently that 43 percent of US children […]

On the Cusp of Lent

Today we enjoy a last feast before tomorrow when Ash Wednesday ushers in the season of Lent. I wrote yesterday about Lenten fasting, but fasting is but one of the three elements of this penitential period. During Lent we are supposed to increase our prayer, fasting and almsgiving. Even as adults we can grumble about […]

Parents and Parish Religious Ed

What should a parish offer families to support the religious education of their children? First and foremost, where possible, a parish should provide a good Catholic school. When I was a girl, every parish had its school, but times have changed here and the Catholic school system is no more. There are but a handful […]

Developing Faith in Children

Ask any children’s catechist about what they want from parents and after the eyeroll you will get a list of suggestions. Mostly, they look to parents to be the first educators of their children, introducing them to fundamentals of the faith, teaching them about Christ, memorizing basic prayers, going to Mass regularly. It is sad […]