The Role of the Church in Education

When I was a little girl, like most Catholic children, I attended the neighborhood Catholic school. We were very privileged, compared with many other parts of the world, in that our education was free. There were parallel public school systems, Catholic and Protestant, although the Protestant system was largely secular. The Catholic schools were attached […]

A Fine Mess

After spending the last ten days on the road, it feels great to be home. Frankly, it’s a mess plus we have dragged in our luggage and odds and ends that we purchased along the way. I’m tired from the long drive but I am also motivated to restore some order. Leaving the house in […]

Sacramental Prep for Kids with Special Needs

Parents with children with special needs sometimes wonder about what they should do about preparing them for the sacraments – Reconciliation, First Communion, and Confirmation. All children should have the opportunity to receive the sacraments and it is the Church’s intention that they do so. Children with disabilities have the same rights as any other […]

Sunday Morning Blues

The hour before Sunday Mass is the unholiest hour of the week. At least, it always was at our house. What a commotion! In the early days, it was like herding cats, chasing little ones around, combing hair, brushing teeth… and always a last minute diaper change. A few years later, it was kids clinging […]

How to Make the Church Relevant

If churches want to bring young people back to worship, give us what we’re not getting anywhere else. It’s really that simple. Maybe boomers needed something “different”; maybe they responded to making the church more like “the world” but we’re not the boomers. We’ve already had the church-like-the-world. We need something “different,” as in “not […]