Finding Light in the Darkness

I woke up a little late this morning and therefore started off a little cranky. I felt like I had to get a move on, rather than slowly come around, which is my usual practice. Like most mornings, I began with coffee and perused the news and social media but I got annoyed again while still on my first cup. It was a local newspaper editorial on today’s Women’s March in Washington and it put me off that such drivel would be published, not to mention the gushing on TV.

When you read about this “unprecedented event,” please keep in mind that women all over the US and Canada turn out every year by the hundreds of thousands to advocate for their children and families, to fight against the assault on unborn life and, increasingly, on the sick and frail. They will be there for the National March for Life in just a few days, but you will have to look hard to find the story. If we are going to celebrate diversity, let us remember the many good people who do not think in lockstep with those who are marching today – women who have gone on record saying that they are marching for abortion rights, disenfranchising thousands of their prolife feminist sisters.

I know that many who will march today have good intentions and feel they are there for the helpless. But they do not deserve our support if at the same time they are willing to exploit those more vulnerable than themselves.

Which, in some way, brings me to tomorrow’s gospel. “The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light.” Christ is our Light and our hope. What is right and true becomes clear if we allow Him to enlighten us. Wherever we go in our lives, we should be conscious that we are trying to follow Christ, that we are inviting him to show us the way.

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