Pray for Priests! An Urgent Call Based on a Teaching by Robert Cardinal Sarah from Community in Mission

There’s a joke about married life that goes to the effect that every spouse will at some point wake up and look at the lump on the other side of the bed and think, “Oh no! What was I thinking?” Fortunately, the moment passes and we remember all the good things about our spouse and our marriage. But we do have those thoughts every now and then.

Lately, that has been my feeling about the Church. I sit in my pew and look up at the priest, turning a beautiful Gospel passage into I’m-okay-you’re-okay pablum and I wonder what the heck I am doing there. Fortunately, a little reflection takes me back to Christ, the Eucharist, the promise of Salvation.  I picture Cher in Moonstruck, “Snap out of it!”  The Church is far more than a dull homilist or a lacklustre bishop.

There is a problem of leadership in the Church that cannot be denied. There are notable exceptions, but the reality is that many priests have caught the same bug as many in the laity: laxity in terms of personal holiness. The effects of this are increasingly manifest, but we can play our part in turning it around. As you might guess, the answer begins with our own personal holiness.

Monsignor Charles Pope, of the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C., is someone to follow. He consistently hits the nail on the head in his writing and in this essay, he shows particular insight. Please click below and perhaps add Cardinal Sarah’s book to your summer reading list.


Source: Pray for Priests! An Urgent Call Based on a Teaching by Robert Cardinal Sarah – Community in Mission : Community in Mission

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