Raising of Lazarus


The Gospel this Sunday tells of the raising of Lazarus. It is one of those Gospels on which dissertations are written, which is to say, well beyond my depth. Read it, meditate, pray… but I am no one to plumb the depths.

I have one small thought this week. We see Jesus’ dearest friends call to Him for aid when their brother is dying, but He does not respond immediately. He was not limited by time and space the way we are and He could see beyond the moment of their grief. In His own time, He did respond, fully pouring out His love and compassion, raising his friend from the dead. This act would lead many to believe, but also led His enemies to conspire for His arrest.

Many of us are frustrated when we feel our prayers are not answered right away. Why, God, why? But God operates in His own time, always knowing what is best for us.

As we know from Christ’s Passion and Resurrection, there is no limit to His love for each one of us. Trusting in His Providence, we pray for the strength to share in His Cross.

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